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Exceptional Gourmet Grades by purespice

At purespice, we take great care in selecting the finest cardamoms for our customers. We source our cardamoms from our trusted associate plantations, where growers hold immense pride in their craft. With a keen eye, they handpick only the ripest capsules, ensuring optimal maturity for the most flavorful and aromatic cardamom.

To enhance the natural qualities of our cardamom, our associates employ meticulous curing techniques. This delicate process brings out the exquisite flavors and captivating aromas that make our Gourmet Grades truly exceptional.

Experience the epitome of cardamom perfection with purespice's Gourmet Grades. From our carefully sourced plantations to your table, we guarantee a culinary journey filled with unparalleled flavors and enchanting fragrances. Indulge in the finest cardamom experience with purespice today.

Super Jumbo CardamomSuper Jumbo Cardamom
Super Jumbo Cardamom Sale priceFrom Rs. 810.00
Extra Bold CardamomExtra Bold Cardamom
Extra Bold Cardamom Sale priceFrom Rs. 690.00
Bold CardamomBold Cardamom
Bold Cardamom Sale priceFrom Rs. 553.75